One of the reasons for why most dentists lack confidence in their dental websites is because they treat their website as nothing more than a mere accessory. There was one dentist who remarked after being asked why he had a dental website that it was only because the competing practice had one. Another dentist answered that she wanted her practice to have online visibility. The only problem is that her dental website isn’t search engine optimized and she doesn’t recall ever getting leads from it. If your website marketing campaign isn’t showing any real results, then why even bother having one?

The true sign of a good dental website is the power to convert visitors into paying patients. If your dental site lacks that, here are some ways that you can give your website that much needed lift:

1. Make it easy for your visitors to schedule an appointment via your dental site.

If you want to send away your visitors in frustration to another dental practice, then keep your contact information hidden throughout your dental website. Have you ever gone to the store to buy something only to be dismayed because no one was willing or available to assist you? That’s exactly what a visitor feels when he cannot find your practice’s contact information all throughout your entire dental website.

2. Show your visitors that your practice is still alive and kicking with an updated dental website.

Technically, your dental website shouldn’t go through so many revamps. After all, it isn’t a blog. However, it never hurts to post something new week or so just to keep your website looking fresh. Most prospects visit the website of the practice they are interested in a number of times before they take the next step which is to phone your office. Sprucing up your website sends the message that you really are serious about marketing your practice and winning over patients.

3. Provide a link to your online reviews.

While this is a two-sided blade which has the potential to build as well as destroy your online reputation, trends have suggested that prospects are very much influenced by all the reviews that they read online. For this reason, encourage your satisfied and, most importantly, happy patients to post a review about your practice on any of the popular third party review sites and instead of just stuffing your dental website with testimonials, link to the reviews you received from these third party sites. That should give your practice the credibility boost it needs.

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