One of the ways that you can use your dental website is to generate online leads. Email marketing is basically the same thing as direct mail only that you send these communications straight to your prospects’ inboxes and not their mailboxes. The effectiveness of email marketing is similar to direct mail only that you get to cut costs with regards to mailing and printing the newsletters.

If you’re interested, then let’s start at the very beginning. You need to have a list of email addresses which you can send newsletters to. Some dentists solve this problem by simply purchasing a long list from some vendor. Not only could this practice be illegal, because most websites do not sell personal information and there is a huge chance that the list may have been procured via questionable means, but the effectiveness of your campaign dwindles when you use such lists.

The entire point of sending e-newsletters is because you want to entice individuals to seek treatment. But the chance that an individual would positively react to your e-newsletter depends on whether or not he or she willingly and deliberately wanted to receive information from you. It might be that a person is seriously interested in getting braces sometime in the future but do not have the financial means to do so at the present. Hence, he chooses to subscribe to your newsletter instead to find out about your other services and, maybe, be the first to find out should you decide to slash 75 percent off on certain services.

But what happens when you send out e-newsletters to people who basically do not know about your practice, have never heard of you, and probably have perfect teeth and are therefore aren’t interested in dental procedures? Your e-newsletter is sent right to the Spam Folder. If you think about it, you may have a lot of people on your list to send to, but just how many of them would pay serious attention to your e-newsletter or even open it in the first place?

The beauty of organically building a list of online leads is that the recipients were the ones who opted to receive your newsletter and so they’ll be more receptive to your newsletters. As long as you keep your newsletters interesting and genuinely helpful, you should be able to keep their attention for months if not years. And maybe you’ll get more subscribers on your dental website, too.

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