Being part of the service industry can be very tricky. It’s not like when someone purchases a water heater from the department store, tries it at home, finds out it doesn’t work and then returns it to the department store. A veneer which was created to fit your patient’s tooth exactly may not sit well with him. In this scenario, it’s very difficult to establish which party’s fault this is. While it’s technically not your fault, in this scenario you have no other recourse but to make modifications on the veneer because the patient is always right.

That scenario only means to purport the importance of customer service in the dental industry. A good dentist is always ready to answer post-procedure queries and fine tune anything that doesn’t fit – is too loose or is too tight. If you fail to respond right away, you’re running the risk of being called a lenient dentist who doesn’t really care about his patients. And there goes your clientele. Fortunately, you don’t have to keep answering phone calls just to keep inquisitive patients happy. The internet is here to help.

1. Real time solutions for social networking websites.

Social media including such websites as Twitter and Facebook has been utilized by entrepreneurs to improve their business. A simple tweet or Facebook status can carry some of the wittiest marketing messages out there. But you can actually use social media to respond to patient queries, too. Because these websites offer close to real-time communication with users, you can send out a tweet in response and solve a patient’s dilemma in as little as a few minutes.

2. Pre-empt questions with your dental website.

If you’ve spotted some sort of a trend on the questions that patients usually ask, then why not include the answers on your dental site’s ‘Frequently Asked Pages’ to refrain from having to address these questions time and time again. And doing so can even prevent patients from having to ask these questions in the first place. Things like what not to eat after getting your braces installed and how to lessen tooth extraction bleedings are some of the questions you should include on your FAQ page.

3. Make your dental website serve as a bridge between you and your patients.

Sometimes, the phone is always busy and going to your office is simply not feasible. In these cases, your patients should be able to shoot you an email through your website’s ‘Contact Us’ page or learn about your latest offerings by simply browsing through it.

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