If you are a dentist who is thinking about having your own dental website, chances are that you have already scoured the entire internet for articles advising you on how to do just that. By now, you already know the general benefits of having your own website like being able to promote your practice for a fraction of the cost and reaching out to the majority of internet-dependent patients and prospects. But what these articles do not tell you is how you can manipulate your website so that it really becomes a dental website. Here are a couple of things you can do to put the “dental” back in your website:

Before and After

One easy and effective way for dentists to convince patients to go for treatment is by showing them just how useful such procedure will be and nothing drives the point home than showing before and after photos of your former patients. This is also a great way to calibrate the expectations of your patients and prevent dissatisfaction just because you failed to communicate to your patient the realistic outcome of the procedure that he or she went for. Before posting any picture, make sure that you ask for consent for your patients.

Customer Service

Another way that you can customize your website so that it benefits your practice directly is to use it to improve customer service. This isn’t to mean that you can have your office phone line disconnected now but the fact remains that some people find it more convenient to communicate using the internet. With the help of microblogging sites like Twitter and comment boxes just like that of blogs, you can respond to any patient-related query almost immediately. Being particular to customer service pays in the long run especially since patients nowadays measure your eagerness to help them by how expedient you are at responding to them.

Booking Appointments

This is another feature which you should incorporate in your dental website. The entire point of having a website is to make it easier for your patients to reach you and is why this feature makes complete sense. There are instances wherein website visitors have no access to a landline phone which is why they cannot call you straightaway to schedule for an appointment. Hence, there is a gap between the time that they search you online and the time when they actually make that phone call to schedule an appointment, and anything can happen during that interval.

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