With the economy still at the brink of a recession and recovery seeming like a long way to go, dentists need to be even more particular with how they treat their patients. It is no longer just enough for a dentist to simply see the patient and then perform the necessary procedure or treatment. If the patient does not leave the clinic thinking that the entire experience was “awesome” or “incredible”, then you really cannot be so sure that he or she will be back a second time. So what should dentists do to make sure that they make happy, loyal clients out of their patients?

So why should dentists strive to put a smile on their patients faces rather than just settle with an okay job? This is because unhappy patients actually put more stress on the entire office. The dentist, along with the staff, will have to deal with a whole myriad of questions, comments and complaints from these doubting and dissatisfied patients. Worst of all, these patients are more likely to talk about their negative experience to friends which leads to unwanted bad publicity for your dental practice.

Excellent customer service is what will keep your patients from checking out other dentists. So how does one go about the task of rendering top notch customer service? The entire experience—and the opportunity to impress patients—start from the moment they walk into your clinic. Instruct your front office staff to greet all patients upon their arrival. At the same time, everyone in your staff should be instructed to refer to the patient using his or her name. This will make for a more personal kind of interaction with your patients. And then cap off each appointment by asking how the entire visit was.

Customer service should be a priority of any dental practice. For this reason, every practice should make it a point to have a customer service policy and then review that policy every now and then to make sure that its stipulations are followed and that amendments may be made if needed. It is crucial that the policy be strictly followed to ensure that every patient gets a positive experience out of every visit. It is also good to ask patients from time to time if they are satisfied with the services of the dentist and the entire staff. Lastly, formulate a system of handling complaints and concerns so that customers can receive prompt attention and clarification.

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