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These days, dentists are quickly recognizing the importance of incorporating social media into their dental marketing plan. Gone are the days of relying solely on Pay Per Click advertising and patient referrals. Instead, social media platforms are being brought on board in conjunction with traditional marketing tactics to promote dental practices around the world.

The argument that social media is vital for a dental marketing plan is no longer an argument; it’s a marketing fact.

More particularly, not having a Facebook page for your dental practice can be a costly mistake.  With Facebook users hitting 1 billion last year, it is hard to ignore the power of using Facebook to promote your business. Facebook is the world’s second most visited site after Google and therefore must be viewed as a virtual “watering hole” for potential patients.

But simply having a Facebook page is not enough. Creating a Facebook profile for your dental practice and leaving it to rot in an online wasteland can be just as detrimental as not having a Facebook page. Instead, frequent and creative updates to your page are key to tapping into the power of Facebook.

However, we’ve noticed a problematic trend in the way dental practices often handle these “updates”. Utilizing Facebook in a way that truly benefits your practice can be tricky. As a dental marketing firm that specializes in the workings of social media, we speak Facebook and have pinpointed 3 important concepts to remember when incorporating Facebook into your dental marketing plan:

1.    Post Valuable Information

Having users “like” your page is essential. However, you need to remember that when you post information on your page, that information is going to be sandwiched between Nancy’s status update and Jeremy’s uploaded pictures. Users spend on average 700 minutes per month on Facebook, during which their time and attention is split between content posted by all of their friends.

So, make sure that when you post content, it is attention-grabbing, informative and valuable to your audience. Facebook is not the place to post boring, irrelevant industry updates. Instead, it is the perfect place to post pictures of your recent fundraisers, host contests, and upload videos of adorable one-year-olds during their first dentist appointment.

2.    Engage your Users

It’s obvious that your Facebook updates must be informative. But, let’s take this one step further. Aim to engage your readers and you will strengthen your online relationship with potential patients. Persuade your users to comment, post and share your Facebook content. Thanks to the Facebook News Feed, every user that likes, shares, or comments on your page will automatically share your page with each of their friends. By garnering active participation from your users, you are increasing your practice’s visibility among the Facebook community.

But when asking for participation from your users, remember to mind your P’s and Q’s, which brings us to our next point…

3.    Reward your Users

Nothing elicits action like a promised reward. In order to guarantee engagement and participation from your users, offer rewards and incentives. For example, offer a discount on cosmetic whitening in exchange for liking your Facebook page or enter existing users into a drawing for free movie tickets every 3rd Monday of the month. Offering frequent incentives means users will likely revisit your page in the future and their activity on your page will be shared with all of their friends.


While we’ve collected countless tips for optimizing your social media dental marketing plan, these three guarantee a fresh makeover for your Facebook page and will help you to reap the benefits of successfully integrating Facebook into your dental marketing plan.

At Dentist Identity, we can use our experience in dental marketing to create social media campaigns that promote your dental practice. Call us at 1-800-303-6029 to learn more about how we can manage your dental marketing plan and social media to increase your practice’s visibility!

Photo Credit: Flickr, by Sean MacEntee

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