Having a dental website doesn’t just give you space to post all of your services and provide lengthy descriptions about them. A dental site is actually a great tool for gathering online leads. Email marketing functions just the same way as newsletters did in the past. You identify individuals who may be interested with your services and then send them content which can motivate them to make a purchase.

In the past, dentists used to send brochures and newsletters through direct mail. With the rising costs of printing and other materials, this can be a big problem for dentists who want to pinch a few pennies. This is where the beauty of the internet comes in. Not only is it easy to gather email addresses of prospects, because it’s your dental website that’s virtually doing that, but sending e-newsletters could not be any more affordable.

Before your e-newsletter can work on your prospects, it should at least escape being sent to the Spam or Trash folders. Here are a couple of tips to make sure that your e-newsletters make the cut, and make it to the inbox:

Be respectful. And this includes never sending unsolicited emails. This is an offense tantamount to showing up on someone’s doorstep without calling on them first. It’s crucial that you use a double opt-in when gathering email addresses which requires subscribers to confirm that they are opting to receive your e-newsletters through email verification. Without double verification, just about anyone can place random peoples’ email addresses which makes your emails unsolicited as well. But being disrespectful goes beyond sending unsolicited emails; it also includes not giving prospects the option to unsubscribe to your e-newsletter.

Don’t be spam-ish. There are two email filters which you have to think about—the spam filter and your actual reader. Words like “free”, multiple exclamation points and text written in all caps are enough to set any mail box’s spam filter on alarm mode. Repetitive use of keywords and key phrases, and abrasively aggressive marketing content can trip off the second filter—your reader. Make your e-newsletters something which an average reasonable person will find enjoyable to read and valuable. It’s simple: if your e-newsletter is a worthwhile read, then people will read it.

The effectiveness of your email marketing campaign depends on the quality of your list of email addresses. The best way to make sure that you have a good list is to come up with it yourself. With a good dental website, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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