Studies show that one of the best ways to increase conversion of prospects into paying patients, and get existing patients to make another purchase is constant communication. The rationale is this – as long as you’re at the back of your patients’ and prospects’ minds, then when the time comes when they need treatment, you’ll be the first thing that pops up in their minds. It’s the same way that we automatically think of Coke whenever we think about sodas. Because we’re bombarded with so much information pertaining to Coke, it’s impossible for us not to associate our thirst with the stuff.

Here is a list of ways that you can improve and strengthen communication with your patients and prospects:

Special Web Pages

Your interaction with existing patients and prospects naturally differ from each other because you barely know those who are part of the latter. However, it’s safe to say that you already know to a certain degree your existing patients. You already have a file on them and struck a rapport with them, too. So it only follows that you should route them to a special section of your dental website where you can offer them information which would be appropriate for them, like discounts for those who have become dormant or financing options.

Work on Your FAQ Page

People will always have questions and if they cannot get the answers from you at the soonest time possible, they’ll move on to the other dentist because consumers are impatient that way especially if they’re still in the process of looking around. Having a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page which exhaustively answers queries that your patients and prospects are likely to pose will save you the time by preemptively addressing these things. Make sure your FAQ button is placed in a conspicuous place on your dental site.

Targeted Email Newsletters

Another thing which you can do is to send out emails e-newsletters to your patients and prospects. Of course, refrain from sending them anything which they did not opt for. This will only make your emails go straight to trash. If you want to make your e-newsletters more helpful and far more effective, what you can do is to send targeted newsletters. This way, every person receives only information he or she is interested in. When you consistently feed your recipients’ interest, you give them something to look forward to whether on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis.

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