In this economy, it’s so easy for people to make the switch whether that is to a cheaper brand or a store which offers more discounts. The economic downturn has made consumers put more weight on price more than quality of goods and services. If you’re not that eager to slash off your services’ rates, then what can you do to keep your patients from leaving you for a practice which can afford to lower their rates?

According to a survey, the best way to keep your patients loyal to you is to establish deep relationships with them. Aside from the rapport that you have with them as they are in your clinic and sitting on the dental chair, you need to keep cultivating that relationship during periods which you do not see them, which can be a rather long time depending on the state of their oral health. When it comes to taking care of patient relationships, your dental website can render such valuable help.

It has been proven that people check out dental websites even when they aren’t thinking about calling in their dentist and scheduling an appointment. In this age and time, people have become so invested in their oral health. Make a very simple and random survey in your office and ask patients if they ever bothered to read articles that revolve around the subject of their teeth – like foods that would stain their teeth or how to brush the right way. You’ll find out that most of them do.

Since we now know that your patients like to consume information, then make sure that your dental website is choc-filled with articles that your patients would find helpful and insightful. Use your expertise in the field to come up with articles that provide solutions to common dental maladies. You can also use your dental website as a place for where patients can post their queries and where you can answer their dentistry related questions.

The entire point is to use your dental website as a means to stay connected with your patients. You can also try sending them monthly or bimonthly newsletters to keep them in the loop with the latest dentistry trends and information. By doing so, your practice will always remain as an option to your patients regardless of the rates you may offer. And by providing your readers with stimulating content, your patients will appreciate the education they get from reading your website on top of truly considering you as an authority in the field of dentistry.

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