Online presence can be misconstrued for so many things. But testing for whether you truly have an online presence is simple – type in your practice’s name on any major search engine and click search. Did you find your website? If your dental website failed to rank in that very basic search, then you’re in huge trouble.

But failing to rank in searches is just the tip of the iceberg. A much more distressing scenario is when a prospect or patient keys in your practice’s name only to be led to websites which offer wrong information regarding your practice. This is why other than building strong online presence you also need to present accurate info as well. These two parameters lead towards the establishment of your online reputation. Below is a checklist of things to do in order to solidify your online presence.

1. How up-to-date is your dental website?

The entire purpose of having a dental website is so that you can present information to your prospects and patients in a medium that is easily accessible. And the best way for dentists to capitalize on their dental website is to present information that is updated. Your prospects do not need to know your rates five years ago. And if your last post was dated August of 2008, your visitors may question whether or not your practice still exists.

If you want to bolster your dental site’s credibility, you can always include press releases as well as educational articles.

2. Can your dental website be found in online directories?

Not a lot of people list their website in online directories because they think that it is a waste of time. But on the contrary, when your dental website can be found in online directories, prospects can easily find not just the link to your site but also your practice’s phone number, your clinic’s location and other relevant information. Individuals who do not want to anymore skim through your dental website can just go to these online directories.

3. Are you making use of review sites?

Consumers these days aren’t just content with taking your word for it. They want to know what your past patients thought of your service. It’s all about reviews these days which is why review sites like Yelp have become extremely invaluable for businesses. Encourage your patients to post reviews online. Not only is this a great way to find out about what they think about your services and strengthen your practice’s credibility but it also drowns out any negative review.

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