The terrain is changing and if you want your dental practice to stay relevant in these changing times, then it’s time to take dental website marketing seriously. The fact of the matter is that people are not just getting used to the idea of accessing the internet; people are becoming severely reliant on the World Wide Web. If you’re after an effective website, then here are a few basic elements of your dental website which you shouldn’t neglect:


In the past, webmasters were very particular with meta tags but it seems like search engines are no longer starting to care so much about these extraneous portions of websites and, instead, scanning the content. But other than pleasing the search engines, there’s another reason for why you need to publish great content on your dental website – to please your human readers.

You can have the best looking dental website but if you don’t have compelling content to persuade your readers to give your services a try, then you don’t stand a chance at converting any of your online visitors.

And it’s not enough for you to have amazing content; you need to keep your site’s content fresh at the same time. Search engines keep track of your website regularly and they know when you have content that’s pretty much stale. But don’t fret. You do not have to do a complete overhaul of your dental website to keep it fresh. You can post a simple article every now and then, and keep your dental website “fresh”.


When a well-established website links to your dental website, this link is seen by the search engines as an online recommendation and will, naturally, help to boost the ranking of your dental website up the search engine results pages. In the past, this wasn’t the case. Almost any website that links to your dental website could boost your site’s search engine ranking but this gave a loophole for questionable individuals to exploit – they would get spam sites and porn sites to link to their website to rake up as many links as they can. Fortunately, the search engines learned about this ploy and this scam no longer works.


Excellent site navigation is important if you want your online visitors to retrieve all the information they need to be converted into a paying patient in an easy and straightforward manner. And you can actually start by posting a tab of links on the topmost portion of your dental site in a conspicuously and descriptive manner so that visitors know exactly which link to click on to get them to the specific page that they want to view.

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