The world has completely been revolutionized with the advent of the internet, and the cyberspace is continually evolving and expanding as we speak. And while other entrepreneurs may have taken the plunge into the World Wide Web without any reluctance, dentists generally feel uneasy with transferring their practice into the cyberspace.

The traditional forms of marketing are no longer enough.

While some dentists continue to assert that traditional marketing strategies like patient referrals are still intrinsic to the survival of any practice and to some extent they are right, the fact also exists that prospects have started to explore other venues for where consumers, and service and good providers mingle – the internet. And the easiest way to lose prospects is to alienate them by not being available in circles where they usually frequent. The point is, while you may still receive a number of new patients from direct referrals, you’re also losing a lot more by not having a dental website.

The internet is a tool which updates older marketing strategies.

Dentists are fearful that once they enter the cyberspace, they will have to scrap all of their existing marketing strategies in order to adapt to a newer, unfamiliar one. Those who are brave enough make the leap, but others who are less daring err on the side of convenience.

But contrary to this brand of thinking, the internet only serves to update offline marketing tactics. For instance, the same concept for patient referrals go only that with the help of the internet, your existing patients show their patronage for your practice by checking in or by tagging your practice when they make Facebook status updates. Whenever they do these things, they are automatically sharing to the rest of their online friends their positive opinion of your practice.

At the end of the day, it’s all about communication and information.

The two values which the internet puts premium on are communication and information. When you launch your dental website, you’re essentially giving your prospects and patients a place where they can learn more about your services as well as the people on your team, and this is a good thing. Consumers have become more skeptical about services being offered and will want to know every aspect about them prior to making a decision. At some point, some prospects may even want to discuss with you services which you offer and having a dental site with a Contact Us page becomes extremely helpful.

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