To the chagrin of those who despise these microblogging and social networking sites, it seems like social media is here to stay. And this conclusion isn’t just brought about by the millions of individuals who use these online services; the opinion is also partly formed by the fact that entrepreneurs and business owners are all itching to jump into the bandwagon and reap all the financial rewards of using social media to promote their businesses. So how exactly can social media help your dental practice, and how can you mobilize social media in order to promote your practice?

Finding the link between social media and your practice.

The whole allure of social media when it comes to promoting your practice has to do with its users. Currently, there are over 107 million Twitter users in the United States with each Twitter user having tweeted around 307 times within the entire of last year. On the other hand, there are around 845 million Facebook users worldwide. In fact, out of every 5 page views done online, one is page view is attributed to Facebook. With such a vast membership, you can be fairly sure that every tweet or post that you make will make it to a good number of your prospects and existing patients.

Making social media work for your practice.

Patient Education. One way that you can always be part of your patients’ or prospects’ newsfeeds in a subtle but effective manner is to send out tips and other information which relate to the field of dentistry. Whenever you send out a tweet on how patients can avoid having garlic breath all throughout the day, you’re essentially waving your hands in the air in a bid to make your prospects and patients remember you. However, instead of being annoyed, your prospects and patients will appreciate the kernel of information which you’ve just shared to them.

Appointment Reminder. If you want to minimize the number of no-shows, and also advertise the fact that so and so have chosen you as their dentist, then try sending out appointment reminders to your patients via social media. Not only will this serve as a convenient way to remind your patients, but the message or tweet will also, to some extent, serve as a form of advertisement.

Announcements. Will you be giving out discounts on your new services all the days of next week? If that is the case, then try announcing this marketing gimmick of yours through social media. And if it’s an offer which is too good to pass up on, then watch how your tweet will be re-tweeted and spread around the entire twitter universe.

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