So everybody’s telling you to take your practice online. Get a dental website because your prospects are online. Nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore. While all of these lines are correct, you still can’t seem to understand what there is with the internet that it can magically make your practice grow. And as for websites, is there some button which just automatically leads online surfers to your dental website? And if not, how do they know that it exists to begin with and how do they reach it?

Seems like a lot to digest so we’ll start from the beginning. And when it comes to the World Wide Web, search engines are always the starting points. When a person wants to search for dental practices within his community, he goes to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. On the search box, he types out a number of words which form a query such as “dental clinics in Buffalo” or “dentists in Buffalo”. After hitting the search button, these websites compile a list of websites which answers the query. This list is called the search engine results pages (SERPs) and in order for your dental site to receive a sufficient amount of traffic, it has to appear on it.

Appearing on the SERPs is something which you should entrust to a good search engine optimization (SEO) specialist but for purposes allowing you to understand exactly what this person (who you will have to hire and pay) does, here is a short explanation:

While algorithm has a lot to do with SEO, integrating keywords into articles has always been the most popular strategy. Just like what I have explained awhile ago, when your prospects search for dental websites online, they use certain terms or keywords which become the basis of the list of websites that make up the SERPs. The content on your dental site therefore has to have those keywords in order for it to show up the next time a prospect searches for dental websites.

But it’s no longer just enough for your website to show up. It has to be on the top of the list because surfers no longer bother to check out the third and so on pages of search engine results. While there are still so many mind-boggling things that you ought to learn about how the internet works, all this should be enough to solve the problem I posted at the start of this article.

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