A blog is not just for budding cooks and housewives with extra time on their hands. Because the wide viewership of blogs in general, businessmen have started to incorporate blogs into their own websites and dentists are not excluded from this trend.

The beauty of having a blog on top of your dental website is that you get to use it as a tool to not just market your services but also foster patient relationships. This is because while you cannot convince every prospect to opt for treatment, you can always be the first thing that pops into their mind should they chip a tooth, and that’s the beauty of investing in rapport.

The Platform

The strength of blogs is its format – the ability for individuals to publish content in a form that is not only easy to read and view but also easy to respond to. The standard blogs we see are filled with paragraphs upon paragraphs of articles but photo blogs also exist. Because you are selling services and treatments which average reasonable individuals would not know that much about, educating prospects is an integral part of marketing your practice. Blogs allow you to conveniently articles explaining the whys and hows of dental procedures.

Live and Interactive

Another reason for why blogs have become so popular is because of how it destroys the wall that separates the writer and the reading person in front of the computer. The comment box below to post articles makes it easy for individuals to converse about the topic. And every marketer knows that getting people to talk about your products and services is an inch closer to a sale.

The comment box also allows dentists to reach out to their prospects – something which they could never do with traditional marketing. If in the past, you had to wait for prospects to call your office or walk into your clinic before you can start persuading them that it’s time for an oral prophylaxis, you can start talking your way into your prospects’ hearts through convincingly witty comments on your dental blog.


The absolute strength of blogs rests in their content which means that it’s extremely crucial to keep updating your blog if you want it to be successful. You also need to keep an eye on your blog posts’ quality. This might mean hiring a writer or pouring hours each week in researching for and writing the perfect piece, but if you’re going to place stale articles on your blog, you might as well forget about having one in the first place.

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