Before you say that blogging is a tedious job which only twenty and thirty somethings delight on doing, you should reconsider taking a dive into this certain social media platform. What’s so great about blogging is that you do not have to try that hard. Lack writing skills? That’s fine since blogging is a more casual avenue for where you can post your thoughts and subtly promote your practice in the process.

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons for why you ought to try your hand at blogging:

1. Strengthening trust

One factor for how patients choose their dentist depends on the level of their trust for that individual. It can be difficult to establish rapport and so much more trust with people you haven’t met yet. This is where your blog enters the picture.

The current trend among consumers is that they research online before purchasing or availing offline. This means that days or even months before a prospect gives you a call, he or she has already surveyed a number of practices online. Having a blog wherein you can engage with readers in a more relaxed manner will encourage these prospects to know more about your practice and eventually give you a call.

2. Bolstering your online reputation

Marketing your practice online is very much similar to doing so in the real world. In order for you to entice people to step into your clinic, you have to be someone with credibility – someone who individuals can confidently entrust their teeth to.

Earning that reputation involves a long and uphill process which includes delivering quality dental care to every single patient and providing post-treatment teachings that patients will really find helpful. If you transpose that entire process to the online arena, this simply means that your blog should contain educative articles which visitors, even if they aren’t existing patients, can use with whatever day-to-day dental dilemma they are currently facing. Using this strategy, your credibility as a dentist is determined by how helpful the articles you publish are.

3. Promoting patient interaction

What’s unique about the blogging platform is that it allows you, the blogger, to interact with your readers. This is something which you cannot do with your traditional dental website. In fact, the entire idea of a dental website is simply to inform visitors and educate them to some extent. But except for the ‘Contact Us’ page, there is no other way wherein your visitors can interact with you. However, with your blog, you can ask a question at the end of your post and expect readers to start a forum-like conversation in the comments section.

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