According to the latest statistics, 97 percent of consumers make use of the Internet in order to look for local businesses which offer certain goods and services. So if majority of the individuals who make use of the Internet are only interested in businesses which are found a couple of miles from their home, then it doesn’t make any sense anymore for business owners, including dentists operating their own practice, to have to top the organic search results pages which involves a lot of time and effort when all they need is to get to prospects within the same community as them.

Google Local

The search engine giant was able to empathize with the concerns of these local businesses that wanted to gain online exposure but did not feel like competing with all the similar business all over the world and wanted to only reach out to those individuals that matter – the prospects living in the same community. This paved way to the creation of Google Local.

What Google Local essentially does is that it matches local business websites with individuals who are from the certain place where that business is based. This idea evolved after Google was able to determine that almost 25 percent of all searches done online are made with local intent. And with an increasing number of individuals owning mobile devices, the number of local searches done is increasing. Google is able to match a computer’s IP address with the location of certain businesses. The best thing about Google local is that businesses only have to compete with local rivals making the race to the top easier.

Place Pages

Google came up with the idea of “Place Pages” in order to cater to individuals who are searching for local businesses. While Place Pages can be automatically generated by Google, it’s still crucial for businesses to claim their own page not only to verify that the information found on these pages are correct but also to customize them and keep the content up-to-date.

Customizing Your Places Page

Since you’re competing with local rivals for your local online prospects’ love, then it’s crucial that you customize your Google Places Page the right way. This includes having a healthy number of reviews on your page by previous clients. In the case of dentists, your prospects will most likely go for a dentist who has racked up the most number of preferable reviews by previous patients.

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