There’s a shift in the rankings – Google+ is now bigger than Twitter. Yes, the brainchild of the search engine giant has now surpassed the blue bird in terms of the number of users. This new social media platform wasn’t as well received as Facebook or Twitter. So while businesses have been avoiding Google+, it’s actually crucial for business owners to start investing in this social network. What Google is trying to carve in the long run is something which merges people, data and context together.

Creating Trust

What Google+ is trying to create is a network which is based in trust. Users +1 content which they deem is important, relevant and factual. The content which has been +1ed and shared would then be rewarded and that could be in terms of ranking.

According to the former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, content which are linked to verified online profiles will have higher rankings than those content which are tied to verified profiles. What this all means is that business owners cannot afford to stay anonymous if they want Google+ to work for them. And who are anonymous users? These are individuals who do not have any Google+ account.

Gaining Authorship

There’s more to Google+ than just being a user. The rel=”author” tag allows businesses to be able to attach themselves to the content which they publish online. When you do an online search using Google, you may have noticed that there are pictures of the authors of the websites which are listed on the results pages. The picture will also come with the name of the author, and the number of Goole+ circles the author is in.

Why is Google doing all of that? It’s very much possible that your website might be in competition with more established websites. For instance, if you’re running a small-scale dental practice, you may have to rough you way through larger dental practices which are more known all throughout the country. What Google hopes to do by including your picture and other information together with your link is to make searchers think that you’re just as credible, if not more, than the other websites you’re competing against. Basically, Google is trying to vouch for you.

Yes, the quality of your content is something which you should always keep an eye on but if you haven’t been identified by Google+ as an author, your efforts on content development can all just fall through simply because you’re anonymous.

photo credit: Squidooer via photopin cc

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