You’re probably just getting to know more about dental websites and how important it is for your site to rank up high in the search engine results pages. And one of the things which you may have noticed search engine optimization experts prioritize is articles. But why is there such a need for content and does the quality of these posts matter?

Why content?

If you want to get to the top of the search engine results pages, then you need to please Google. What Google basically does with each website is that it sends out spiders to index every site. These spiders take a look at every website taking into consideration each article written, and then they pull up terms which could be related to any of the keywords searched by online surfers. This is exactly why when a person makes a search engine query, Google or any other search engine is able to compile a list of links that contain the exact term that is being searched for.

But why great content?

Right now, you’re probably thinking that if Google just pulls up whatever set of words that are found on your dental site and then uses that information to match your website with searches made by online surfers, then surely you can just flood your website with nothing but known search keywords and key phrases, and your website will still be able to rank high.

But while this may have worked in the past, when search engines were still an infantile concept, Google has been rewriting and revamping the rules to make sure that the websites their ranking high are really of high quality. For this reason, Google is doing away with websites with reproduced content, articles that are just rewritten and generally, articles that are of poor quality.

Pleasing human readers.

It’s not just search engine spiders which read and index your dental website; it’s important for you to appease your human readers as well. Even if you do end up dominating the search engines, you wouldn’t be able to really convert visitors into patients once they find out that you have a spammy long website, bombarded only by keywords and key phrases, and not really offering great value.

Posting interesting and thought-provoking content on your dental website may help you shoot up in the search engine results pages but at the same time, it also offers your readers reason to continue visiting your dental website and give them concrete reason to call up your office to inquire about procedures.

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