Just like everything else, when you first launch your dental website, you’re starting with a blank slate. Sure, you might have a very professional-looking, sleek dental site to offer to your patients and prospects. You haven’t determined yet what direction your dental website will go with regards to your patients and prospects. So the question is: how will you be able to use your dental website to woo your prospects?

1. Establishing patient relationships.

You may not right away be able to sell your services to your online prospects but you can start crawling your way into their hearts, this way when it’s time for them to look for a dentist, you’re the first on their lists. How do you do just this with the help of your dental website? You help. Nothing can make a patient’s heart grow bigger than a dentist who wants to help. Start by posting helpful tips for simple dental problems. And then go on to solve their dental maladies through lengthier articles.

2. Promoting patient education.

An educated patient is an understanding patient, and an understanding patient is a happy patient. When your patient knows exactly what a procedure is for, what it does and what its inherent risks are, then you do not have to worry so much about failing to meet expectations and having patients blame you for whatever untoward result which are out of your hands. Your dental website can be a source of articles which promote patient education.

3. Offering special discounts for loyal patients.

You can expect that your loyal patients are checking out your dental website on a regular basis. Just like how you keep on visiting the online version of the magazine which you are a huge fan of, then you can assume also that your loyal patients are visiting your website to stay abreast of the latest happenings. And because they have supported your practice so much, they deserve special discounts and offers every once in awhile. You can announce these promotions on your dental website. Doing so will send a clear message to prospects who are still thinking of availing of your services that you really do value and reward loyalty.

4. Announcing gimmicks for new patients.

While it’s good to show love to your loyal patients, you shouldn’t alienate your new patients and prospects either. Use your dental website to announce a new promotion you have in mind for capturing new patients. This can be in the form of a free teeth whitening procedure, or a 2 services for the price of 1 offer. Doing so would really create buzz for your dental website and increase incoming traffic.

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