With more than 1.7 billion consumers expected to make use of their smartphones in order to browse the Internet, this year could be the year that you would have to optimize your dental website for mobile searches. For a couple of years now, SEO specialists and other experts have predicted the rise of mobile searches and the need for mobile –friendly websites. But while in the past, these things seemed more like suggestions rather than something which business owners really had to seriously consider, it seems like websites designed especially for smartphones would soon be imperative.

If you’re planning to optimize your dental website for mobile searches, here are some things which you should aim for:

1. Keep things simple.

Remember that a smartphone is not the same as a PC. Bandwidth limitations and use of applications will deter mobile websites from being able to launch flash introductions properly or load huge pictures. Instead of making your prospects wait a long time for them to see your dental website or have them receive so many error messages, try to keep things simple instead and focus on making it easy for your prospects to see your website using their smartphones.

2. Keep in mind the size.

You can always make a mobile version of your dental website but for now, that’s not something which most dentists are investing their money on. For something rather costly, you’re not guaranteed to receive a significant enough traffic to those specially created mobile websites to see an ROI. Instead, what you can do is to make your existing dental website responsive to searches done using smartphones by allowing your website to be scaled down to the size of these gadgets’ browsers. That way, your visitors won’t have to keep squinting.

3. Make your messages concise.

Size restrictions would mean that you cannot place just about any picture into your mobile-friendly dental website. At the same time, you also need to be very straightforward. This is because you cannot fit three whole paragraphs into a very tiny space. At the same time, the shorter your texts are, the easier it is for you to hold the attention of your mobile searchers. Remember, you wouldn’t want them to keep scrolling down reading sentence after sentence without any period in sight.

4. Make your texts easy to read.

The font size will always matter. Why? Because you wouldn’t want your visitors to keep on squinting. That’s something which is sure to drive away your prospects. While you very well know that size limitations will really pose a problem but that’s something you can work around on by picking out the font size that is easily readable and just keeping your texts concise so as not to consume too much space.

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