If you’re not careful enough, then instead of attracting visitors and then converting them to become paying patients, you just might be doing the exact opposite and driving all your prospects away. While the exact science of website marketing does not have any hard and fast rules that equate to success, here are some of the things which are guaranteed to scare visitors away.

1. Amateurish Design

While internet surfers will not at all mind that your website looks like it was made by a fifth grader if you’re offering cheat codes to computer games, it’s safe to assume that people in search of a person to take care of their teeth are looking for a level of finesse in the appearance of their website. Instead of sending the message of “competent and skilled”, your dental website may give off the idea that you don’t know a thing about caring for teeth.

2. Missing Call-to-Action

Your visitors know that your dental practice is the best in the entire county. They have a clear grasp of the services that you are offering. They think that your rates are fair. But all of these things won’t matter if your dental website does not contain a clear call-to-action. What exactly are you trying to offer your patients? If you do not give them an offer, then there’s nothing which your prospects could respond to.

3. Not Search Engine Optimized

If your dental site isn’t search engine optimized, then forget about having any visitors. Majority of individuals who use the internet also use search engines to retrieve information which they need. But if your dental website does not show up in the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs), then the chances of prospects landing in your dental site are grim. This is because studies show that most internet users do not bother to click on the second page of the SERPs. And no site visitors means that there isn’t anyone to convert into patients.

4. Terrible Content

If your content is is content provided by the web company you used, which also provided this content to hundreds of other sites, then it is not good for seo rankings. Your content needs to be as original as possible. If you’re publishing blogs on your site that are credible and genuinely represents the best interests of your readers, then you’ll have visitors who will make your dental website their go-to resource for anything that has to do with their teeth. Ultimately, you’ll earn the trust and confidence needed to convert these readers. Content is something that is ever changing and needs to be looked perhaps every six months 🙂 Sound familiar?

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