The economy is starting to look better, but is your practice showing signs of improvement as well? Let’s face it. Jobs of dentists do not just stop at treating patients, they are also in charge of coming up with fresh marketing ideas that will allow their practice to flourish. One thing that dentists have to understand is that there is no such thing as a silver bullet in marketing which will magically transform a dying practice into a successful one. It requires multiple improvements even if they’re small ones to effect real change.

Testimonials. Dentists often overlook this very obvious marketing strategy. As long as you are providing topnotch service, then your patients should be more than happy to give their testimonials. Testimonials can encourage existing clients to stay longer with the practice and may even improve their commitment. At the same time, these testimonials help to increase the credibility of any practice, increasing new patient sign ups. Dentists should always practice good etiquette and ask patients who have sent positive letters for permission to display their testimonials on websites, in the office or on fliers.

Budget Wisely. You do not have to spend much money in order to make money. The best way to allocate resources is to take a look at the practice’s past performance.  After carefully analyzing the strategies which you have employed on whether or not they worked, you can make sounder financial decisions. By looking at things in this manner, dentists are able to allocate their resources more appropriately in the bid to maximize profits.

Be Efficient. This is something which all practices can work at since one can never be too efficient. With the 15-minute units that most practices are using, they do not realize that they are actually losing out on 12 to 15 days of lost treatment time. Inaccurate scheduling can cost any practice lost time and money. A more efficient scheduling mechanism is to make use of 10-minute units.

Aim for Affordability. This is simple; patients who cannot afford treatment will not seek treatment. And it is no secret that a rising number of Americans require financing in order for them to afford the dental care that they require. Make sure that you can offer patients various patient financing options and make it a point to let every patient know about the existence of these financing options. It is very rare for patients to tell their dentists that they can afford the treatment, so reach out to all your patients instead.

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