Online marketing has become a huge part of dental practices these days especially since there’s a good chance that majority of your prospects are reliant on the internet. While the best way to ensure that your patients choose to see you again and again is to provide them with quality dental care, dental marketing still holds a huge influence on attracting new patients and then keeping them from seeing a different dentist.

Because of the vastness of the internet, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by all the incalculable ways that you can market your practice online. Here are a few of the internet marketing campaigns that you can try:

1. Search Engine Optimization

While this technique will require you to invest in a lot of time and resources, search engine optimizing your dental website will also allow you to harness the power of the search engine—one which prospects make use of to search for goods and services. While Google controls majority of the online traffic, it’s also wise to cover all your bases and make sure that your dental website also tops the other search engines.

2. YouTube

While some experts will argue that social media marketing does not work, a lot of dentists can attest to the effectiveness of posting videos on a social media platform such as YouTube. But because explaining dental treatments in terms of words isn’t a guarantee that your prospects will be able to understand exactly what the procedure is all about, a video is a convenient way of explaining exactly what the procedure entails and what it can do over time.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The thing about PPC campaigns is that once you end the campaign, the clicks also stop. Unlike investing in traditional search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising makes use of sponsored results which are found on top of the organic results. Notably, it’s not just on various search engines that you can run a pay-per-click advertising campaign; you can do so on Facebook, too.

4. Twitter

With its microblogging platform, it’s very easy to make use of Twitter and it’s certainly effective in getting the attention of your prospects. But in order for you to use Twitter to advertise your practice, you need to go beyond just grabbing the attention of your prospects and funnel them into your dental website which, hopefully, has already been designed to convert prospects into paying patients.

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