A true businessman knows the true value of first impressions. Often times, you get only one chance to leave a lasting impression on your prospects just like when they walk by and nonchalantly see your sign or when they peep into your clinic after seeing an intriguing poster on your window. These are opportunities for you to convert a stranger into a paying patient. Just like those examples, your dental website’s front page could possibly convert just some other visitor into a patient but is your site designed to do just that?

For the purposes of conversion, here are five things that should be displayed on the first page of your dental website:

Contact information. The entire purpose of having a dental website is to entice people to call your clinic. Now how would your visitors be able to do that, and start the entire conversion process, when your contact information is nowhere to be found on your dental site or at least hidden in some link crevice? According to studies, almost 75 percent of websites representing small businesses do not have an email link, and six out of ten have no phone numbers.

Navigation system that makes sense and links that actually work. Right smack on your dental site’s front page, you should have a navigation system preferably at the top of the page. Make sure that the buttons are large enough and clearly labeled. It’s always nice to have a direct link to your FAQs page.

Relevant images. Pictures speak volumes and because you cannot afford to fill your dental site with nothing but words, then you’d have to rely on images. Never underestimate the power of pictures especially when you’re trying to explain what a very sophisticated and technical procedure can do for your patients’ pearly whites. Before and after pictures are necessities in any good dental website.

Email subscription box. Newsletters improve patient loyalty and they are amazing marketing tools especially for prospects. Make sure that the front page of your dental site has an email subscription box, and every other page, too, if that’s possible. Just make sure that when you do send out the actual newsletter, recipients will find it good enough to not send into their SPAM folder.

Links to social media. A great way for visitors to share your dental site with their online friends is to add social media links on your front page. The four social networking sites you should always have a link to include Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

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