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Are You Using Email Marketing to Its Full Potential?

If you are a dentist who is technologically savvy and incorporates a multifaceted dental marketing plan, you are likely already using some form of email marketing. And you aren’t alone. Many dentists, as well as other business professionals, depend on email marketing because it is 20 times more cost effective than direct mail. It is also a great way to get an immediate response from patients- a simple link to your website or promotion is a great way to strike while their interest is high. Basically, email marketing for dentists is incredibly useful and effective.

So, if you’re already incorporating email marketing- congrats!

BUT (and there’s always a “but”), too many times we’ve seen dentists whose email marketing tactics barely scratch the surface of what it could be doing for their practice. Let’s say you do a great job of garnering patient email addresses, you send out reminders for appointments, mass newsletters and heck, you might even throw out a few email promotions from time to time. These are all great tactics.

But don’t pat yourself on the back just yet…

At Dentist Identity, we’re here to tell you that there’s quite a bit more that you can be doing with your email marketing. Interested yet?

 Three ways to go the extra mile with your email marketing strategies

1.    Elicit Positive Online Reviews

It’s what every business owner dreams of, strives for and will do almost anything to get.

A positive online review.

A glowing review of your practice does wonders for your online reputation and your bottom line. And we are here to tell you that a simple email can bring in not one, not two, but a handful of these bad boys.

What? You don’t think this is possible with mere emails? Believe us, it’s possible. In fact, as part of our new 2014 packages, Dentist Identity sends out an email asking patients to take a quick survey. If a patient gives positive feedback we then send a follow up email directing that patient towards Google + and Yelp to create a positive review for your practice. And the best part? It requires zero work on your part.

 2.    Send Out Highly Targeted Content

The great thing about email databases is that it is easy to group and organize contacts. For example, creating a group for patients with children or patients who are interested in teeth whitening can be very easy.

Why is this useful?

The alternative to sending out mass promotions and newsletters is sending targeted emails to select patient groups. For example, sending patients with children a newsletter specific to orthodontics or sending out a teeth whitening promotion to patients who have shown an interest in the procedure will increase their likelihood to respond while making your emails more valuable and personalized to patients.

3.    Integrate Emails With Social Media

If you haven’t already, create email subscription forms on your website, blog and social media sites. This will allow patients to receive updates every time you post a new article on your blog, a new promotion on Facebook or a company update on the website. Your patients check their emails daily. Sending them the updates they ask for will give them an easy, immediate way to engage with your practice. This will drive up your website and social media traffic as well as help you foster your relationships with your patients.


If you have been using email marketing but haven’t yet incorporated any of the tactics described in this article, you may be falling short of the mark in terms of what your email database can do for your practice. At Dentist Identity we believe in the power of email marketing for dentists and we work with you to create targeted, valuable email content. For more information on email marketing for dentists, call us today at 1-800-303-6029

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