Most professional services have two critical success factors that determine the trajectory of the business. Whether that trajectory is in perpetual ascension or it a roller coaster ride, is dependent rather exclusively on how well bother the critical aspects of the practice are viewed and handled.

The success factors that define the practice are both the technical aspect of the company. This technical aspect is in reference to the actual business of dental care. It is the core of the business. In this part of the equation, the doctor must have the duties of the job solidly planted in credibility. Whatever marketing that happens, will not be able to gain any traction if the core of the practice is built on shaky ground.

The second part of the success is built on the business manager. In some cases the two are one an the same person. The doctor wears both hats and has intimate knowledge of the business and what needs to be done to get his practice in the upper echelons of success.

However, its not always a good idea to tie both responsibilities to the same person, as the workload could disrupt the core business of dentistry. SO in place of another human taking on the role, it is entirely possible for the dental practice to be run almost entirely online via a scheduling service and a host of other electronic business manager.

There are many proprietary names to describe these, but essentially they are are applications that track customer appointments, keep their medical records, and perform billing and reminder services. It is possible to manage it all online and integrate that with a powerful website on one hand and an SEO optimized blog on the other. Automating the business in this ay has many advantageous, first it reduces the dentists’ overhead. It also reduces the trouble of finding, hiring, training and keeping a staff. No medical leaves and no off days.

In today’s advanced electronic environment, it can also be tied to an answering service after hours. And everything about each patient can be streamlined and stored. When this customer gets online from home, they can access everything they need.

In terms of dental marketing strategies this also ties in well with the ability to channel resources to advance the online profile of the dental office. In terms of SEO this is also a good practice as it keeps patients visiting the site constantly and from an SEO perspective, more traffic, new and repeat, are always good for rankings.

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