Press releases are integral in any kind of business, and dental practices are not exempted from them. Useful in spreading the word about any practice, effective press releases should be directed towards those who are members of a practice’s target market. One thing to be extremely particular of, simple articles do not pass for press releases. It is when these two terms are used interchangeably when an ineffective write up is mistakenly released and that won’t generate optimum results. This is why dentists should know exactly what press releases are all about and their parts.

The first, and most obvious thing, that press releases should consist of are news about a certain business. In this particular case, it is about your dental practice. A practice can choose to have a press release written regarding a new acquisition like a new whitening procedure that the practice is offering. Pieces of information which must be inserted in any press release include the address for the main office and contact person that one can approach regarding the details of the press release.

It is important that the press release’s main body contains the news and answers the basic who, what, where, when and why questions. There are some press releases that revolve around a newly hired person. In this case, the press release should explicitly say the person’s position and list down his credentials. At the same time, these press releases should include some sort of prediction of how this newly acquired person will revolutionize the ways things are ran in the organization.

On the other hand, if a press release is about a new product or service, one has to include a concise yet accurate description and provide an unbiased and believable evaluation. Going back to the example given at the start of the article, a press release for a new teeth whitening procedure which is offered by the practice should state whether the said procedure is the first of its kind or an improvement of a previously introduced service.

Ending your press release is just as important as coming up with the introduction. Press releases often end with a description of a company or, in this case, the dental practice. A press release description should say what the practice focuses on, where its clinic is located and the year when the practice was founded.

You can say that your press release is effective if it gives people a reason to read it. When you have a press release written and nobody bothers to read it, then the entire purpose is defeated. One surefire way of getting people to read your press release is to have one written about a solution to a certain problem.

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