Your dental practice won’t soar to great heights if you have yet to launch your own dental website. But the thing about website marketing is that it’s no longer enough for you to simply have one. Your dental site has to be search engine optimized and ranking high in online searches, or it’s basically doesn’t exist. While you’ll still need to hire an expert to make sure that your dental site is ranking high and staying high, here are a few easy, and, more importantly, cheap ways to fire up your website:

Make sure that your website looks professional.

Everyone hates things that look amateurish and phony, and so should you. When it comes to running your dental practice and everything associated with your business, you can only afford nothing but the best. Having said that, it’s time to ditch your old dental website which looks like it was put together by a third-grader and let the pros do the designing. It might cost you a few dollars, but when it comes to giving your practice the credibility it badly needs, consider that a bargain.

Make periodic assessments.

Just like with any marketing campaign you launch, you should know how effective that campaign is to know for sure whether or not to pull the plug on it or not. Your dental website should not be an exception to this rule. Google has a lot of tools which allow you to find out how much traffic exactly your website is receiving, from which sources this traffic is coming from and the like. From these pieces of data, you’ll be able to tweak your pages to entice more visitors and you’ll have actual figures to guide throughout all that.

Ask for feedback.

The best way to improve your dental website is to ask for advice from people who have visited it, it’s as simple as that. While there are a lot of online services which assess your dental website and then make suggestions, you can also opt for something that’s free. Ask your friends to view your website and then ask for their feedback – what elements on their dental website captured their attention first and what other aspects can they remember?

Opt to make your dental website shareable.

Leverage the power of social media to make your website shareable. By adding various social media buttons, visitors can easily share your dental website to the rest of their online friends in just a few clicks.

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