Do you know that just because you have a dental website does not mean that you’ll automatically have online visibility? From the term itself, good online visibility is achieved when your prospects can easily locate your dental website in the labyrinth that is the World Wide Web. And good visibility is done through search engine optimization. So now, if your dental website does not miraculously dole out this thing called online visibility, what exactly can your site do?

The answer to that question is up to you. There are a lot of goals that your dental website can achieve. Here are just a few that you can consider:

Online Brochure

In the good old days, handing out brochures at your town’s square was the best way to get people to find out about your practice and also to know about your various services. But doing so these days will maybe just earn you a couple of stares especially from the ones who are very busy and are always five minutes late to work. On the other hand, if you direct your prospects to your dental website, they can view your different services during whenever it’s convenient for them.

Credibility Builder

The same way that you protect your offline credibility and work towards recognition as an authority in the field of dentistry, you also have a reputation to uphold online. If you want to convert visiting prospects into patients, then these visitors should have enough confidence in you so that they trust you with their pearly whites. To do this, you can provide links to your website to scholarly articles which you’ve written as well recommendations from your past patients with their consent.

Email Newsletter Recipient Gatherer

One easy way to stay in touch with your prospects is to send them email newsletters during regular intervals, whether that is monthly or bimonthly. However, you’d be wasting your time with an e-newsletter campaign if you bought a list of emails from some shady person. For one, you’re not sure that all of the emails in that list are interested in receiving communications from you. So what’s your best option then? That is to collect prospects through your dental website. You can offer a freebie like an e-book in exchange for an email address. While sending out email newsletters won’t right away get you a patient, it assures you that you’re always on the top of your prospect’s list of dentists.

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