Because of the technology at our disposal, most websites have so many features which can be advantage or a disadvantage. You might be thinking about putting a chock-full of features on your dental website to attract traffic but this move can definitely backfire on you. Here are a couple of things which become more of a nuisance to your website than help:

1. Sharing buttons.

Although it can be helpful to have social website sharing buttons on your website articles, you should also evaluate whether these buttons are truly helpful or not. For instance, having sharing buttons on your dental website’s “About” page can be very unnecessary. What you should be placing on pages on the other hand are buttons which lead to your practice’s Facebook or Twitter page so that your visitors can “like” or “follow” you.

2. No search box.

When your dental website becomes well-established and is full of helpful posts, you will be getting lots of repeat visitors who treat your dental website as a reference. When they need an article to help them with their recent dental mishap, they’ll go to your website and try to look for the answer there. But wait! They won’t be able to do that if there isn’t any search box on your dental site and maybe they’ll try searching elsewhere, leaving your website behind.

3. Very small font sizes.

Not all of your prospects and patients have 20-20 vision. Even the young adults may not have perfect vision and how about those who have progresses in age? If you want to entice more visitors to linger on your website, then you have to make it easy for them to read your articles. Also stay away from font and background colors which contrast each other in a very painful way. Having a black background and then a red font color is the easiest way to drive away visitors.

4. Calling the default email program.

Most of the time, contact forms summon default email programs like Mail which no one ever uses. This can be very annoying to most visitors. Although it’s really very easy to copy and then paste your email address and open our own browsers, most of us just do not want to be bothered by it at all. It would be so much better to just have your email address on the Contact Us page instead.

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