With regards to dental websites, there’s a lot emphasis on great content. While your site should not post anything other than excellently written articles, all of this talk about putting premium in content has made some individuals think that they can get away with a dental site with mediocre design for as long as it has amazing content. But the catch is this: if your website isn’t eye-grabbing enough, all of your content will have been written in vain. So what are the essentials of a good dental site?

The First Impression

Your website needs to follow the laws of attraction in order to keep bounce rates down and allow visitors to be enticed to learn more about your practice. In a study, respondents said that they were discouraged from checking out websites which looked cluttered. While having a very clinical website with nothing but the standard white background and black font color may not be that attractive either, but sleek websites aren’t crammed with every imaginable picture.


Your logo must definitely be present. While some individuals think that having a logo is just reserved for big businesses, having an emblem actually serves a marketing purpose. Logos are crucial in branding your practice. One of the things which your patients and prospects will right away associate with your practice is your logo so having it on your website, and just about any marketing material you’re using, is pretty much mandatory.

Easy Navigation

It follows that a good website allows site visitors to easily navigate through the pages. This is especially important when you have a bunch of impatient individuals who want to retrieve the information they require as fast as they can. In this case, just about everyone who goes online is impatient especially after we have all been exposed to extremely efficient sites. In order for you to simplify your dental site’s navigation, brainstorm on the possible things that your visitors might require from your site, i.e. contact information, roster of services. You can create quick links for those pages.

Fast Loading Time

While flash can really beautify your dental site, it can also slow down loading time which may not be so good, again, for those impatient visitors. If you really want to have a flash intro, you can come up with a skip intro link so that those who do not want to wait can just forego with the flash animations.

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