The thing about dental websites is that there are no hard and fast rules to coming up with one. There’s no sure formula to make sure that your dental websites actually do the job of converting your visitors into paying patients. But knowing a few of the basic elements that must come for any website to be called efficient sure helps for starters. Here are some of the website basics:

1. Professional template.

Think of your website as your online office. And the very same manner that you keep your office and clinic spick-and-span, you need to pay the same attention to your dental website. You actually don’t need to pick out a very flashy, graphic-laden website if you’re going for something sleek and professional. In fact, studies have shown that online consumers respond more to websites which are minimalist in design and do not look very cluttered so stray from lots of graphics.

2. Take note of website navigation.

Just like any house, your dental website should be easy to navigate through and to do that, the links on your homepage should be visible enough, but, more importantly, they should also be descriptive enough so that your visitors know exactly where the link is taking them. There are some links which should be on the forefront because they facilitate the conversion of your visitors such as your “services” and “contact us” pages.

3. Invest in good content.

You may have a wonderful website with the links and the graphics, your content is what will convert your visitors into paying patients. For this reason, your website should contain compelling content which will give your patients all the reasons to pick your dental practice over other practices within your community. The content on your dental website should be diverse enough and deep enough for your prospects to appreciate. Talk about some of the common problems which your patients go through and address them in your various articles until your website becomes a resource for existing patients and prospects.

4. Integrate social media.

One way to funnel traffic to your dental website is to use social media and link your various accounts to your dental website. The best thing about social media is that you can communicate with your patients and prospect more efficiently through Facebook or Twitter, and you can post bits of information on your social media accounts with a link to your dental website and wait for the clicks to kick in.

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