Dentist are some of the most sophisticated and meticulous professionals who undertake to initiate, develop and expand their business. There are two main factors in being able to do so. The first, off course, is to be a master in one’s field of dentistry; and, the second, is to be able to run a business. So the hybrid medical professional and business man characteristics must be part of the mindset.

Putting aside what it takes to be a good dentist, from a medical perspective, being a good dental practice requires what is usually referred to as a good bed side manner. But in this case its more about caring for the patient and taking the time to look out for them. While all this is good practice it is also a good way to drum up more business. The key, or at least one of them, is to win the hearts of patients. When a patient loves the service and the care, they will rave about it to friends, all of whom have a set of teeth.

Building a successful practice is dependent as much as it is on word of mouth and referrals as it is about high tech sophisticated marketing campaigns. It is the least expensive to execute and the most  lasting.

However, leaving the word of mouth as a matter of chance is an absolute waste of resource. It needs to be proactive. To take this valuable resource up a notch here are a few ideas that will add value to patient referrals.

When a patient fills in a registration form, take the time to harvest the emails and mobile numbers as well as birth dates and other notable events. Enter this information in to a patient management software or have one custom built. These will assist in sending out appointment reminders, birthday messages and a lot of automated messages. The automated messages will allow the offering of discounts and freebies. One of the freebies can be a two for one offer on, for example, simple cleaning.

A patient is given a voucher that when he or she brings a friend who is not already a patient, then both get the service for free. This is a good way to double clientele. Its proactive because it gets the existing patient to bring a friend and once that friend sees how great a service they are getting then there e is a good chance there will be recurring visits. Even if it doesn’t, the cost of a cleaning has returned a registration form from the new patient full of contact information to be used down the road.

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