Dental marketing has definitely evolved through the years. Nowadays, it is not just enough for a dentist to hand out a few business cards and rely on his patients to spread the word about his dental practice. With the advent of the internet, dental marketing has become a lot more sophisticated and competition is getting stiffer.

One thing that has remained constant is the need for a good reputation. But in order for a dental practice to earn a good reputation, the dentist has to find creative and effective marketing solutions which will allow for the expansion of his patient base.

Target Marketing

Marketing your services to just about anyone can be expensive and inefficient at times. By focusing on a certain target market, dentists can shrink their marketing budgets and still get the results which they want—new patients. For most dental practices, the people who are part of their target market are those nearest the dental clinic. Since it would be impractical for someone to drive all the way to the other side of the city just to get a simple tooth extraction, those living or working near the dental clinic are the ones who are more likely to become that practice’s patients. Dentists can even narrow down this figure by specifying which age and salary brackets they want to cater to. For instance, a cosmetic dentist’s target market can be individuals aged 35-65 with incomes of over $100,000.

Brochures and Business Cards

Although these things might be old-school, don’t throw these items out just yet. With the busy lifestyles that control most patients, it’s only normal that they have yet to browse through the list of services which you offer. So why not mail these items for them to browse through when they have the time? You can include brief summaries about the dentists working at your practice, the practice’s history as well as detailed descriptions of the equipments which you utilize in your clinic. Display business cards on your reception area so that patients can pick a few up and give out to family and friends.


Your website should be focused, have a clear call-to-action but at the same time contains your patients’ most frequently asked questions. For instance, you might want to include information like the insurance plans which you accept and payment policies. Definitely post your office hours and a list of the services which you offer. Prospects who are so busy or shy to inquire about these things by calling or personally visiting your clinic can find out about these details from your website.

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