Although the economy seems to be improving these days, the fact remains that people are still uncertain about the way things are going and are fearful. Fear is the main reason for why consumer spending is still down. This can spell a lot of problems for dentists who are trying to keep their practice from folding.

During these difficult financial times, it’s extremely impractical for dentists to develop new marketing ideas and then try out these unconventional ideas. What dentists should do is to follow the basic yet proven and tested dental marketing ideas. Although marketing experts might have a lot of suggestions as to what these basic things are, you can start with just three.

Prioritize patient communication.

The bulk of marketing relies on effective communication. When the economy is slow, it’s only natural for businessmen to cut costs by cutting their lines of communication to their clients. Dentists either stop commissioning advertisements or discontinue their patient newsletter. But the well-established brands have built their empires because they went all out with their marketing campaign when everybody else closed their doors and hid. Chances are that others will be thinking twice about communicating with prospects so you won’t have as much competition.

Re-evaluate and activate dormant accounts.

It’s very easy to overlook these accounts when business is going great and you have a steady stream of patients entering your clinic. But when it’s very difficult for you to find new patients, it just might pay for you to check out your system and look up patients who haven’t been to see you for at least six months and those who have not yet completed their treatments. Call up these patients and offer them a discount just to get them to see you again. You might be unimpressed with this strategy because you are offering discounted services but these people would not have returned unless you made an offer.

Never stop advertising.

During these turbulent times, you want to offer your patients some semblance of stability and this is best achieved when you advertise just like you would when things are running smoothly. Doing so will send a message to your community that you are doing your best to thrive and that you expect to still be part of that community regardless of the economic turmoil. Besides, just because the recession is in full swing does not mean that people have become immune from dental ailments.

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