One rule that entrepreneurs have is to never embark in a marketing campaign for marketing’s sake. If you’re going to invest time and money in a campaign, then you better be sure that it’s going to give your practice more than just a handful of prospects. While you can get creative with your practice’s next marketing venture, here is a marketing staple which you can always fall back on:


The Goal. While some people’s idea of a newsletter is a five-page brochure filled with all the services and products your dental clinic has to offer, made in various permutations and then sent on a monthly basis, the whole purpose of giving out newsletters is so that you can build deeper relationships with your prospects and patients. While newsletters are marketing tools, do not expect to get a sale from it right away. The payback is when your recipients straightaway think of you once they have a throbbing tooth; should they need any dental attention, you’re on the top of their list.

The Medium. In the past, the only way that you could send patient communications is through direct mail. This means that dentists would have to hire someone to create the layout, write the content, and then there’s the printing and, of course, mailing costs. All of that can easily add up to a lot. Fortunately, the internet has given birth to a more cost-effective alternative – the e-newsletter. Whether you choose to carry one with direct mail or switch to its online counterpart depends entirely on your demographics. If you’re targeting individuals in retirement age, then direct mail may be more convenient for them while young adults would most definitely go for e-newsletters instead.

The Content. A newsletter campaign is just like a game, one wherein your newsletter should not end up in the trash, whether the literal one or the virtual equivalent. To keep that from happening, your recipients must find value in your newsletters and this only happens when you provide content that readers will definitely find useful such as solutions to dental dilemmas. Resist the temptation to incessantly promote your services; rather, focus on newsworthy topics.

Getting Everyone Into the Party. So how do you find recipients to your newsletters? You can always start at your clinic by asking existing patients whether they would like to receive newsletters. Show them a sample to sweeten up the deal. Your dental website also provides a great venue for getting recipients. Make sure that you have a sign-up link on your dental site for subscribers and to make it easier for them to opt-in, only ask for their name and email address.

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