Just a decade ago, dentists were confined to only two marketing strategies—referrals and the yellow pages. Although word-of-mouth marketing is still very much relevant in recent times, we couldn’t really say the same for yellow pages. With how people are moving away from landline phones to mobile phones and the internet, it’s inevitable that phone books will soon be a thing of the past. It’s time for dentist to be more creative. This article will try to introduce a few unique marketing ideas which are worth considering.

1. Build a mailing list of individuals who are from a certain mile radius of your dental clinic. Most likely, the people who are living close to your clinic are the ones who are the most willing to become your patients. You can send out postcards that announce your practice. You can also send brochures stating your dental specialty and listing the services which you offer. If you have your patients’ numbers, then you may also call them up.

2. Devise a patient-referral program. By giving your patients incentive for recommending your practice to their friends and family members, you are assured a steady stream of new patients. The incentive could be anything from a gift certificate or discounts for various dental services.

3. Advertise the uniqueness of your practice. If you offer services which are different from what typical dental practices often offer, it’s time for you to spread the word. Consider advertising in your community newspaper or sending postcards to individuals who live within your community announcing your new services. If you have the right connections, you can even try to get your local TV news to cover your new services.

4. Devise patient follow-up system. Patients love nothing more than to feel that their dentists truly care for them. So make the effort to remind them about their upcoming checkups. And to make them feel warmer inside, try to send their birthday and holiday cards as well.

5. Make a marketing brochure. Nowadays, people are a lot more difficult to impress. Put your best foot forward by creating a brochure which includes information pertaining to training, qualifications and specialties. Also include any state-of-the-art dental equipment should you have any. Your patients can take a brochure with you which they can read or give out to their friends. You can also opt for flyers and business cards instead if you feel these items would be more convenient to distribute.

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