patient satisfactionEven though you may be running a successful dental practice, you still cannot really be sure that your patients are satisfied or not. Unlike selling tangible goods, patients react to services differently. For instance, there are those who understand that cosmetic whitening only restores the natural whiteness of one’s teeth. However, there are other patients who become dissatisfied because they expect their teeth to be bleached white instead. The inherent differences in standards and expectations are some of the many reasons why it’s very difficult to always keep every one of your patients happy.

Good and Bad

With regards to marketing, dentists should only think about two sentiments – good and bad. The reason for why patients go for treatment is because they want to feel good about themselves and substitute any existing bad feelings. This concept applies to almost anything.

Another way for you to think about good and bad feelings is by referring to bad feelings as problems and good feelings as the solutions. Basically, when your patients come to you, they have a problem which they want you to address. For instance, they may be unhappy with their alignment of their teeth. The appropriate solution then would be to correct this by orthodontics.

Find Out What Your Patient’s Really Want

In order for you to come up with a treatment plan which correctly and appropriately addresses your patients’ problems, you need to be clear with what their complaints are. Ask them to be specific about what they do not like about their teeth and how they would like the complaint to be addressed. For instance, if their issue is a rotten tooth, ask how they want to address the problem? Are they looking for an affordable solution or a pricey yet long-term solution? You need to be on the same page as your patients in order for you to meet their standards. Avoid the pitfall of assuming that patient X’s problem is the same with patient Y’s. By knowing exactly what your patients expect from you, you can prevent or minimize the chances of having a disgruntled patient because you fell short of his or her expectations because everything was clear to you in the first place.

Finally, when it comes to advertising or promoting your services, you need to do so by answering one question: how do your services provide unique and helpful solutions to your patients’ problems? Advertise your dental practice in terms of which specific problems you can help your patients with to get real patient satisfaction.

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