Especially for when you want online prospects to learn more about your practice, then you need to work at creating awareness. Large companies don’t have any problem with this. Why do you think they spend precious resources on making sure that you see a painted graffiti of their logo on a spare wall in your neighborhood? This is just so that every time you pass by that street, you’re reminded to drink Pepsi or buy a certain brand of jeans. But if you’re just a small practice, how can you create awareness without spending that much money to do so?

1. Write articles.

Especially if you have a very catchy title and you’re offering information which is valuable, you’re sure that your article will catch a number of glances regardless of whether it is posted on your dental website, in some other online article directory or the bulletin board of your community. Of course, make sure that you’re offering information which average, reasonable individuals cannot resist.

2. Come up with advertorials in your local daily.

If you want to run an advertisement in your local newspaper but you do not have enough money to do so then go for an advertorial instead. A mix between an advertisement and an editorial, an advertorial allows you to promote your practice under the subtle guise of a wise opinion piece. Some newspapers will do this for free or may only ask you to pay a minimal fee.

3. Work with realtors.

Realtors in your area know individuals who are thinking about settling for good in your community. Since these people are just new in your community, then they do not have any dentist yet. If you work with a realtor, you may be able to market your services to these people and be ahead of everyone else.

4. Send out brochures to members of your homeowners’ association.

Some of the prospects which you really must reach out to are those with families especially if you specialize in family dentistry. And the best way to reach out to these families is through homeowners’ associations. So that your brochures do not get sent to the trash automatically you can incorporate useful dental tips to your packets and may be discount coupons and vouchers.

5. Offer a free e-book.

People like free stuff and your prospects are just some of the people who would jump at the chance to get something for free. One nice way to get more people to be interested in your practice as well as rev up traffic to your dental website is to offer a free e-book. In your brochures, ads, and posters, include the address of your dental site, and on the homepage include your offer of a free e-book.

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