Courting patients was different in the past. Back in the good old days, dentists were people that everyone knew in the community and they made sure to know their every patient as well. This unique personal touch which they showed to every patient allowed dentists to be respected within the community. Because patients did not hesitate to refer their neighborhood dentist to their family and friends, it was very easy for dentists in the past to gather an increasing number of patients.

But in the age of the internet, one of the greatest costs of being online is the demise of having personal connections with patients. Prospective patients would search for dentists online, show up for the appointment, pay the bill and then go. This can be problematic for a profession such as dentistry which has always relied on establishing good rapport with patients in order to keep a business afloat. So the question now is: how can dentists remain in touch with patients in a world which relies only on strong bandwidths?

The answer is actually simpler than you think. All you have to do is to borrow the same old concepts and put a current twist on them.

1. Tip of the day.

Do you remember when your dentist used to give you friendly tips and advice on taking care of your pearly whites? Just because you do not know your current patients’ parents or do not come from the same neighborhood as them doesn’t mean you cannot dole up well-meant tips as well. On your practice’s Facebook page, you can post a tip for every single day. The great thing about doing this is that while you’re not running the risk of annoying your patients by sending these messages straight to their mobile phones or their inbox, your posts will show up on their newsfeed and if a certain morsel of information captures their attention, then they won’t hesitate to click on it. To ensure that they DO click on your post, make your tips extra witty and helpful.

2. Make your dental website more interesting.

If you cannot interact with your patients in your dental clinic, then make sure that your online website is engaging enough. Integrating a blog to your dental site is an easy way to stimulate conversation. On top of writing posts which people would really want to read, make it a point to end each post with a question. This will serve as a conversation starter to get those comments going.

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