Marketing your practice is a very tedious task especially since you’re not just in charge of keeping your practice afloat, you’re also in charge of seeing your patients and taking care of their teeth. You basically do everything. This is why you need to have a streamlined marketing plan which gives your practice more exposure and effectively sends your message to your prospects. Here are some of the tools which you can integrate in your marketing plan:

1. Newsletters and other forms of patient communications.

Aside from the fact that majority of Americans is scared of seeing their dentists for fear of sharp tools, one other popular reason for why they avoid dental clinics like the plague is because they just do not know any dentist that’s close to them, they are misinformed or they’re just procrastinating and require that extra nudge. This is where patient communications become crucial. Especially during these times when patients would rather keep their money than spend for elective dental procedures, you need to reach out to them.

Why not include something about your latest teeth whitening procedure and how you’re offering a nice discount on your patients’ next statement of account? Or maybe create an article about how braces help to improve a patient’s self-confidence as well as his or her smile. And don’t take for granted all those patient education content you can post on your dental website. Articles like these, as long as written in an engaging tone, can be extremely helpful.

2. Branding.

While you may not have given branding a second thought in the past, it’s something you have to seriously take into consideration these days. You know that you have effectively branded your practice when people right away associate distinct things with your practice such as a logo or a slogan. We are all too familiar with the logos of Coke or Nike that we no longer need witty ads for us to associate these logos to their respective companies and the products which they sell. That is something which you should gun for. To do this, you can always incorporate your logo or slogan on your dental website, newsletters, and business cards and just about anything you hand over to your patients.

3. Community involvement.

You are a small business which may have its downsides but it also has its perks, and that is you can better infiltrate your community and be endeared for that. So never discount your involvement in community affairs whether it’s in a local fundraiser or hosting a team in your local little league. And make sure you reap the rewards by using your other marketing tools to make your involvement know such as blogging about it on your dental website.

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