medium_305950691While all the hype surrounding social media is not expected to die down anytime soon, a number of small business owners are still hesitant to make a nosedive for social media marketing. However, if there is any social media platform which your dental practice will benefit from, then it would be a blog.

Why blog?

Google has actually given preferential treatment to blogs for the longest time now. It’s easier for blogs to move up the search engine results pages (SERPs) without that much effort as compared to traditional websites. This means that attaching a blog to your dental website can actually help bump up the rank of your actual website. And the higher in the SERPs your dental website ranks in, the more visibility your dental website gets, the better it is for your incoming traffic.

But on top of the fact that your blog can help boost your dental website’s search engine rankings, here are some other reasons for why you should get a blog:

Patient Education. Your dental blog can actually serve as the mouthpiece for your dental practice. Especially since patient education is a huge part of converting prospects into patients, having a blog which details all of the services which you offer can help to increase conversion rate. However, you cannot just write for the sake of writing. If you want your dental blog to have wide readership, then it’s crucial that you hold the attention of your readers while still giving them all of the information which they need.

Customer Service. The thing about the service sector is that people have differing standards and you need to be eager to please all the time. A simple complaint which you weren’t able to address right away can lead to an online catastrophe which culminates in your dental practice being shrouded in negative reviews. One thing you can do with your blog is to use is as a place where patients can post their concerns and where you can respond to them. Because blogs are interactive and have a comments section unlike traditional websites, blogs are perfect for customer service.

Social Media Campaign. If you want to slowly integrate social media into your online marketing campaign, then you can use your blog as a launching pad. Linking blog posts to your Twitter and Facebook account will not only make you more interactive but also entice prospects lurking in these social media sites to visit your blog and ultimately your dental website.

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