There are two relevant formats that need to be delineated in terms of its use and in terms of its advantages. The first is the website The second is the blog. The difference to most visitors is discernible bit the subtleties are usually lost. This is even the case with moth people who do take the step of building a site or a blog.

Websites are usually used in a more formal and structured way. And this is very appropriate, it give the site owner the the ability to develop the serious side of his online profile. In any persona its best to have two sides to it. Even a sentient person has his work personal that carries a more professional aura versus his home persona that is a lot more loose and friendly. Thats what a blog-website relationship is meant to accomplish.

A blog is really the short vernacular for Weblog. It is meant to act as a log book that is constantly added to and eventually takes on a life of its own. The weblog is designed to chronologically record the points of view the person has and opinions and anything at all the person is inclined to say. That’s the basic. Others who visit the site look to add their opinions then then comment on it endlessly until that sometimes takes on a persona of its own, if left unmoderated. It all makes for a very chaotic but very real exchange of ideas and experiences.

Sharing Knowledge
The internet, if nothing else, is a way for people to share knowledge, and thats what the blog does beautifully. It etches out each bloggers views and thoughts and experiences in a way that is real an unvarnished. And that is what is expected of a blog. Blogs have had an impact on our culture, it has evoked a sense of truth among its followers. This is highly beneficial for dentists.

Blogs are a way for dentists to show their sensitive and caring side and, more importantly, it places them in the forefront of a patient’s mind. It creates the all-elusive mind share. But more importantly blogs, with nothing to sell except wisdom and musings are favored by search engines in ranking. In most instances search engines try to rank information over commerce. It makes sense in two ways for them, first, a blog helps disseminate information while, two, a <a href="website is commercial in nature.

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