better bloggerDid you start off the New Year with a new blog for your practice or dental website? Are you thinking about sprucing up your current website with arresting content? According to people whose occupations rely on reading large volumes of blogs, what does the trick, is being unique and trying different things. There are two factors which determine the success of your blog posts – information and your audience. 2014 is still new, here are some tips on how to blog better this year:

Avoid Recycling Content

For those who know the ins and outs of the World Wide Web and avid internet surfers, they can spot an article with the same familiar content that’s stuffed with flowery words a mile away. But most of the time, websites and blogs are filled with posts with rehashed ideas and information primarily because it’s easy to crank out articles of that caliber. But readers are smarter than you think and some might be put off with the kind of articles you are posting. Updating your website’s content is crucial, but make sure that you don’t just post articles for the sake of doing it. If you don’t contribute anything of value, then it’s possible that your readers might not care for your posts anyway.

Be Giving to Your Readers

Make your readers feel extra special by making every post an opportunity to give a small gift. You don’t even have to spend for these gifts. They can come in the form of link(s) to great dental resources or free trials. You can also give them free guides which can include topics like flossing or brushing properly. The idea is that readers will always appreciate helpful content no matter what. Give your readers the gift of information and they will return to your website again and again.

Be Flexible With Your Writing Style

You will have readers at different levels and it is important to accommodate all of them. You cannot afford to marginalize any group of readers or else that can cost you big time, in the form of traffic to your site. So while you’re posting white papers and abstracts of studies, it also pays to post a couple of 101-type of articles as well. You can even provide links to these articles at the bottom of each post designed for advanced readers. But be careful with writing too many 101-type articles because this might put off your medium-advanced readers. The idea is to strike a nice balance and to be a better blogger. Provide content which is comprehensive and in-depth but make sure that those who cannot understand information presented on that level have other options.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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