When a keyword is entered in the search box of any available search engine, the engine responds with a vast quantity of site URLs and tags that contain that keyword. The results it presents span pages in the hundreds, if not thousands. People however, hardly get past page three. They usually don’t even get to page three. Most find what they need on page one. Studies show that 97% of business is concluded within the confines of page one.

To stress the point, even among page one occupants, there exists varying success rates, those within the prized ‘Golden Triangle’ receive 95% of page one visitors who do not bother returning to the search results to find a different vendor. That is a powerful form of advertising, especially considering the reach of the internet is what you want it to be. It can be local, statewide or global. The important thing is to match this footprint with the economic viability of the business. In other words it’s not appropriate to target a global audience if the business is only able to serve one tiny hamlet in Maine.

The goal then, as it should be obvious and urgent, is that every strategy should be directed at attaining a golden triangle position. Tests have proven that this location attracts the most eyeballs than any other position on the page. Search engines know there are many who vie the position and are aware that some are more unscrupulous than most.

The basic premis in understanding search engine logic, is to realize that search engines use a simple metric to determine if the results they provide a searcher is accurate. A person searching for dentist and getting a podiatrist for example, is going to hit the back button in a short amount of time after seeing the site. That is a message to the search engine that the result it is displaying is incorrect. In short time, they will move to correct. Every time it results in a click and then a return, the search engines take it that the user is not satisfied with the result. If enough back clicks are executed, it will result in a degradation of ranking.

After all, why would the search engine want to rank a site in a prized position when many people visit it then turn around and back out. So the key thing to understand from this as far as dentists are concerned is that choosing a keyword to rank is very important. Target the keyword most appropriate to your business based on how customers view it not how you view it.

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