Marketing is a form of investment. But in order for dentists to know for sure that their marketing campaign, collecting data is a requirement. Most dentists are scared with this because collecting data has always been described as “sophisticated” and “complex”. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, it is the basics which become extremely helpful to any marketing campaign.

1. ROI should be measured according to the terms of actual money made and not response rate.

The number one problem of some dentists is the fact that they measure the success of their marketing campaign according to the number of patients that enter their clinic. Ideally, you should be able to generate five times the amount which you spend for your marketing campaign. Measuring the success of your marketing campaign this way is also a lot simpler yet more effective than the other gauges out there. Since you are spending money to advertise your services, then you should be able to rake in more money than what you are putting out in order for you to safely say that your campaign is working.

If you get a lot of calls but nobody seems to be following through, then it’s time to reassess your campaign. It might be that your campaign is efficient at turning heads and getting attention, but you might have to evaluate your pitch.

2. Work with your existing patients.

You want more patients to opt for your high-end procedures, but how do you do just that? If you’re targeting new patients, you might not be able to get your ideal results. But on the other hand, if you sell these procedures to your existing patients, you just might persuade someone to opt for the procedures. This is because it’s so much easier for a dentist to “sell” to an existing client.

3. Get your prospects to call or walk into your clinic.

If you want to “sell” to new patients, then you should get them to give you a call or visit your clinic. These two things are essential for you to close the deal. When you are able to communicate directly with your prospects, chances are that you will be able to fill in that person with all information which might be missing from your ad at the same time clarify any misconceptions and give reassurances. So if your campaign cannot immediately seal the deal, than it should at least get your prospects to call.

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