Haven’t you realized that when you’re shooting for your dental website to top the searches, you’re actually trying to make your website visible not just for individuals living within your community but for virtually every web surfer all over the world? While it’s still important for your dental website to get, at least, to the first page of the search engine results pages, I’m sure that you’re more concerned about marketing your website locally than internationally.

The “Local” Boom

For the past few years, technology and marketing trends have put the spotlight on local businesses. You have a lot of websites which allow individuals to “check-in” to a local establishment online and even social media sites have made use of this feature. By simply looking at your Facebook feeds, you can find out which of your friends are currently dining at the posh new restaurant just a block away from you. At the same time, certain phone apps make it easy for you to find establishments physically near you. This has provided local businesses just like you with the leverage you need to make use of the internet strategically.

Google Places

We cannot tackle the subject of local online marketing and not talk about claiming your local listing on Google Places. You may have noticed that whenever you do a search on Google and include location words, you’d find a map with flags on the results page with each flag representing a local business with corresponding links found to the left of the map. The most important thing which you should take note of is the fact that these local links are found at the very top of the results page, even pushing organic results down. This seems like an easy way to get to the first page without too much SEO-ing, right?

Well, that’s if you’ve already claimed your Google Places listing. If you haven’t yet, then it’s high time to do so. The process of claiming your page is simple enough although you may have to give out your phone number or address to verify that you really do own a local business. Once you have your listing, make sure to post your contact information, a number of photos and a link to your dental website.


A local prospect, before phoning your clinic, will most often go through any of the popular third-party review sites there are to check if you’re a friendly, neighborhood doctor, or just another person in a white robe that is out to make every patient pay for an expensive but totally unnecessary procedure. The latest figures show that 75 percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews so don’t be too quick to shrug off these online reviews.

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