If you’re serious about transitioning into the 21st century, it’s about time that you take a good and long look at your dental website. Gone are the days where all you need is a website regardless of how it looks like and the absence of features. With the World Wide Web becoming increasingly complex by the minute, your dental website has got to step up.

The question that you have to answer now in order for you to get the best return on investment for your website, since your dental site IS a form of investment to begin with and not just a useless accessory, is how come visitors pass your website up for those of your local competition? These may be a couple of mistakes which you have been committing:

Not showing up on the first page of search engine results.

How important is being on the first page? Well, think about it this way. The cyberspace is filled with thousands upon thousands of dental websites which means that if your dental site is buried under all that, there is no way that your visitors will dig through the entire pile just to find your website. Chances are that they stop clicking through websites after the second or third page. The lazier ones won’t even bother going through the second page. This means that for your website to stand a chance on being clicked it should land on the first page of search engine results. And even amongst the websites in the first page there is competition. If the very first website on the list is impressive enough, then searchers won’t bother clicking the rest of the first page websites which is why you should aspire to be the first on the first page.

Having negative online reputation.

Another reason for why your website isn’t making the cut is because of your not-so-reassuring online reputation. Being online can be a double-edged sword in that you have access to hundreds of prospects but can also be in the mercy of spiteful patients who feel the need to rant about your service. Although you cannot ask websites to take down negative reviews, even if some may be too malicious to be genuine, you do have the ability to drown them out by asking for positive reviews from happy and satisfied patients. The more the good comments, the less likely that the bad ones will surface.

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