Oftentimes, dentists become so focused on their marketing campaigns that they fail to understand why it’s not working the way they want it to. Because a good marketing strategy is one which connects with its target market, it’s safe to say that a marketing dude just fails to capture the attention of its supposed audience. Because you cannot change the group of people that you want to market your services to, it’s up to your marketing campaign to remedy that disconnect.

Stepping into your prospects’ shoes.

In order for you to craft a marketing campaign that successfully converts its audience, you need to see your campaign through your prospects’ shoes to appreciate it for what it’s really worth and make the necessary modifications. The question that you have asked is this: what are your prospects looking for in any marketing gimmick?

Strike a balance between the emotional and the logical.

While a lot of people will tell you that you need to be completely objective with every marketing campaign you launch, this isn’t always true. This isn’t to discount the wisdom behind giving sound reasons as to why prospects should choose your practice over your rivals, but it’s also strategic for you to insert an appeal to the emotions in any campaign. This is because studies have shown that consumers buy something not entirely because it’s the best choice but simply because they want it. At the end of the day, it’s a prospect’s preference that really determines things and if your campaign isn’t likable enough, then you could be out of the running just like that.

Give them what they want.

Your prospects will only listen to what they want to hear or look at what they want to see. This is why it’s important for you to find out the things that they value and how you put premium on the same things on your campaign. For instance, your target market is composed of young adults, all with average- to high-paying jobs. These people value their time the most, and do not mind the dental bill as much as they do having to wait at least thirty minutes just to see the dentist. If you want to court this bunch of prospects, you need to highlight how all the appointments in your practice are kept on time. Every group of prospects has different things that they value the most and the secret to winning them over is to understand exactly what that is.

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